18th Annual Cincinnati Strollathon: Virtual Edition


Kate's Krew

Welcome back Kate’s Krew! The Strollathon will be virtual again this year.  We were really hoping to get to see everyone in person.  Instead, please send us your photos of you walking in support of Kate and all those with Rett syndrome!  

Your support for Kate over the years has meant so much to Kate and our family.  Just this last year, Kate participated in her first clinical trial for the treatment of Rett syndrome.  This could not have happened without all of you.  We continue to be hopeful with the progress of all work into a treatment and a cure for Rett syndrome. #InHerLifetime  

Kate recently turned 8 years old, and we moved into a new house the day after her birthday!  She has a nice room that we affectionately call, 'Kate's suite'.  The house is a good fit for Kate which was our main criteria.  Kate loves school and just started 3rd grade!  She is in a new school building this year with a new team.  We know she will rock this!  Kate also continues to have various therapies throughout the year.  

We recently heard something that really struck a chord with our life and life with Rett syndrome.  Most days we get stuck in the day to day aspects and things can get frustrating.  Then there are times like the Strollathon that brings us so much hope and support, and these are the days that remind us to keep up the hard work!  Hope is truly what we have clung to since the beginning of this journey.  

Kate's Krew continues to amaze us with their generosity.  Thank you all for loving our girl!  We appreciate it more than you know.


I am walking in the Strollathon, Rettsyndrome.org’s signature fundraising and awareness event, to raise money for essential research of effective treatments and to find a cure for Rett syndrome. 

Rett syndrome is a genetic neurological disorder occurring almost exclusively in females and becoming apparent after 6-18 months of early normal development. The resulting regression leads to lifelong impairments, including lost speech, seizures, scoliosis, irregular breathing patterns, and more than half of the children and women lose the ability to walk. Those diagnosed with Rett syndrome require maximum assistance with basic daily activities. 

Your donation will help fund important research and family support. This cause is very important to me and I appreciate your help as we fight for a cure for Rett syndrome! 

Please join me or donate to my efforts to support Rettsyndrome.org in finding a cure! Your help is our hope!

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