8th Annual Nebraska Strollathon

1st day of Senior Year
1st day of Senior Year

All In For Anna

Nothing like last minute fundraising for a cure! 

It's been quite the year for Anna.  She started off January with a hospitalization for pneumonia, numerous doctor appointments and xrays to help with her stomach issue, to realize she had kidney stones and gall stones, which then led to 4 surgeries from May to August.  Despite all this, she felt good enough to start her senior year at Papillion LaVista South <Go Titans> with a smile and has been able to stay awake and participate and enjoy school again, unlike the end of her junior year.  Made us realize just how much she was hurting from her stones.  

With all those health issues in the rearview mirror, Anna's ordered her homecoming dress, cheered in the first football game, and will be delivering coffee to her favorite principal with her Titan Brew Crew.  We still need to work on capturing her senior pictures and controlling her senior-itis!  She continues to do therapy twice a week, by land and by sea, but we had to give up horse-riding until feeling stronger.  She's lost most of her ability to eat/drink but we're working on getting that back - so many smoothies to try and cheetos to crunch.

We thank you in advance for all the positive thoughts and prayers sent her way.  We hope you find some spare change to donate to the cause.  There are some exciting trials going on with some new drugs that while they may not cure Rett Syndrome yet, they can help control the symptoms of it.  And of course, we are always praying a cure can be found during Anna's lifetime. 

~All In For Anna

Doug, Connie, David, Anna, and Ryan 

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