5th Annual Virtual Iowa Strollathon

Alia 2021
Alia 2021

Team Alia

The Iowa Strollathon looks a little different this year. Each team has been asked to stroll in our own way, and it should be no surprise that Team Alia is throwing a party! Join us Saturday, August 28th from 1-4 pm at the Brick & Ivy rooftop in Altoona, IA. There will be cocktails, food, live music by Mike Staebell, and a bunch of familiar faces who are eager to do our part to kick Rett syndrome in the a**.

Here's how you can help:

  • Attend Team Alia's event on August 28th. Head over to Facebook and search 'Team Alia Rocks out for Rett' for all the details and to invite all of your friends.
  • Donate, donate, donate. You can donate here now or donate the day of the event. Or both!
  • Google Rett syndrome. Education creates awareness.

Need a refresher why we're here? Alia, 10 years old, was diagnosed with Rett syndrome at age two and Team Alia has been tirelessly raising funds for research on behalf of Rettsyndrome.org for the past four years. Year five is extra special as Alia is currently enrolled in a drug trial for trofinetide, a drug showing promise as a treatment for Rett syndrome-related symptoms. Trials equal progress but we're not done yet - we still need your support!

Thank you for your continued support. While Alia watches us from afar at home in Indiana, her and her entire family is grateful for such an extensive support system in Iowa and beyond.

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